During her recent visit to our club, District Governor Berta Pickett introduced a new program, “Step Up for Rotary.”  The new program offers Rotarians a fun way to raise money for Rotary, while pursuing their passion for physical activity.
Simply put, Step Up for Rotary is an online challenge that allows Rotarians to determine a challenge, in miles, for their favorite activity, then allowing others to donate based on that milage.  The challenge method is in five steps:
Step One: Get Active!  Walk, run, golf, hike, bike, step, swim, paddle or create an activity.
Step Two: Determine your challenge in miles.
Step Three: Sign up and create your personal challenge web page on the Step Up site (stepupforrotrary.com).
Step Four: Share your challenge with others and seek donations towards your goal.
Step Five: Ready, Set, Step Up! Start logging your activity or connect with Strava and GO!  So what’s Strava?  Strava is the #1 app for runners and cyclists, and it can be linked to Step Up for Rotary to keep track of your mileage.  Info can be found HERE