What an exciting meeting we had with RCS on Tuesday October 13, 2020! David Zybert, Charter RCS member and long-time District RYE Committee member, arranged a special treat for us. Over the last 12 years, RCS has hosted 12 students from around the world. On Tuesday, five of them joined our Zoom meeting!
This video has been edited for length.
Claire – Taiwan – 2008-09. Claire said that she has enjoyed seeing the world since she was on exchange. She actually worked in Mexico for 3 years and has now returned home.
Joyce – Italy – 2009-10. Joyce described her time in Reno as the best year of her life. She is grateful to the “16-year-old” Joyce for having the courage to apply for the RYE program. Joyce learned that she could study abroad so she went to college and graduate school in London and now works for the ministry of justice there.
Zoe – Belguim – 2012-13. Zoe wanted us to know that we changed her life and all she wants to do now is come back to see us again. She studied film directing and has worked as a flight attendant for the last 8 years. She is hoping to move to LA.
Juani – Argentina – 2016-17. Juani is studying economics in university. He took the philosophical approach and shared that while he was here, he didn’t realize how much he was learning and changing until he returned to Argentina.
Deny – Czech Republic – 2019-20. Deni is in school but everything is shut down due to an increase in Covid cases there. She is still studying English – and it was 3 am when she was on the Zoom meeting with us.

This has been the first year that we have not had an RYE student with us, but we are getting ready for the 2020/2021 year now. Saturday, October 24, the District RYE Committee will meet the candidates for our next exchange year.
Somewhere in the world right now is a young person with a dream to live in another country. He or she is contacting a local Rotary club and beginning a journey that will lead them to Reno and we will have the privilege of meeting this hopeful and courageous young person in August of 2021. Thank you all for your support of this amazing program – not only changing the lives of these students who come here, and the students we send out, but changing our lives as well.
ClaireTaiwan2008 - 2009
JoyceItaly2009 - 2010
EvaDenmark2010 - 2011
Wen-HsuanTaiwan2011 - 2012
ZoeBelgium2012 - 2013
MeretSwitzerland2013 - 2014
PaulineFrance2014 - 2015
SeonminSouth Korea2015 - 2016
JuaniArgentina2016 - 2017
MateoArgentina2017 - 2018
JeaneBrazil2018 - 2019
DenyCzech Republic2019 - 2020