Lauren Holdway had a practical reason for getting involved in 4H. Her daughter loved horses and wanted to be involved with them.
Lauren knew that Lily had to know what caring for a horse meant. When they met young people at a barn who were in 4-H, it became a way to combine shared experiences with learning. Did Lily love horses enough to do the work? That was a big yes - the work was part of the fun, an important part of the experience.

Today Lily is studying Animal Science at TMCC and UNR, carrying a full load while working as a veterinary assistant.

“4-H is a great learning opportunity for kids. They can pursue their love of animals and activities in a structured way where they learn about being stewards of what they love. Learning and fun, responsibility and development – it really works”.
Lauren now leads the local 4-H Herpetology club, Cold Blooded Critters, and that brought her and Chris Pagano to the August 8 meeting of the Rotary Club of Reno
Centennial Sunset at Famous Dave’s. Gamera and Pixel, a pair of bearded dragons, visited with club members during the presentation. Once Jim Annis got down from his chair he was able to resume his Charter Daddy fundraising campaign.

Chris’s love of creatures in the countryside dates from his childhood in New Jersey. Since coming to Reno, he has become an expert in the different reptile species found in the Great Basin and he shares his knowledge with the young members of the 4-H Herpetology club.

“Reptiles are an important part of our local ecosystem. Our kids love these animals – here they learn to care for them properly and they cultivate their curiosity for learning more. We see tremendous interest from kids and families – we have kids coming from Fallon to attend meetings. One of our challenges is to get the word out. People don’t know about us,” says Lauren.

4-H in northern Nevada is affiliated with the UNR Extension, College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources. The website for the Herpetology club is

Rotary Club of Reno Centennial Sunset has made the support and development of young people a major focus of club activities. The presentation from Cold Blooded
Critters was a window for members into what another great organization is doing for the children of northern Nevada.