What is it that happens from one Tuesday to the next? What will we remember when we look back on the summer of 2020? 
My week days are filled, almost exclusively, with my work. I’m grateful to have a job in a business (mortgage lending) that is thriving right now. We have had to learn to work smarter and faster; to be more organized and communicate better; to modify the business model from meeting people in person to having a stronger online presence.
That isn’t true for everyone. For some, this summer has been filled with uncertainties and anxieties. For some, a well-needed time to slow down and reflect. For some, extra time learning to appreciate (even more) the educators who have devoted their lives to teaching our children. No matter what, our culture is changing. We can no longer say “We’ve never done it that way before” as a reason to keep the status quo.
The past few months, we have been trying new ways to meet together and I was encouraged by our first official “hybrid” meeting last week. It was amazing to be in the same room with many of you including our district governor, Berta Pickett, and assistant governors, Bill Boone and Craig Wesner. There is a certain energy that fills our meeting rooms.
Rotary is changing. At a leadership meeting last month, I heard one of the Rotarians say “Everything is different right now. Why would we not take the opportunity to change, make things better, try out new ideas?”
Do you have any new ideas? Please share them. Our club is made up of 35 to 40 ACTIVE members – emphasis on “active”. What can we do? What can we try?