Our Club meeting on July 21st brought us new and old guests. Attending were Catherine Clark, a friend of Melissa's, Ryan Krauser from the Sparks Rotary, a friend of our new member Courtney Pino, George Woodside, Carol's better half, Ryan Murphy, Carol's grandson and our previous member Skip Benton.  It was nice to see Skip pay us a visit.
Our speaker was Kurt Matzoll, project manager for Q&D Construction.  Kurt's wife Adrian also Joined us. We certainly were brought up to date on the destruction and building of the Virginia Street bridge.  Looking at the history and the current condition of the bridge, Reno was lucky the bridge hadn't already collapsed. There will be more replacement of Reno area bridges in the near future.  The South East connector by pass is still on hold as the permit has not been obtained from the core of engineers, hum!! The 580 construction is running far behind as well as the McCarren repaving, so what's new.  It was interesting to see how Q&D diverted the river. They plan to have the new bridge open by March of 2016 ahead of schedule.
My grandson Ryan Murphy drew the raffle ticket to see who got to draw for the red marble.  Of course it was not mine.  Lucky Ken Petring got a shot at it. Alas a white one.  My gosh only three marbles left, surely next week.
President Duane Upton brought out the Music Madness. For sure the songs were from all eras. Winners were Rafael, Chip, Jim, Ken, Cindy, George, Melissa, Joe, Kate and the four bagger was our guest Catherine Clark.
There were shameless plugs and I rang the bell for whoever could guess my grandson's age. Everyone was high as Ryan is already five feet tall. It took a young mommie, Kristen Scurlock to get it right, eight. The money went to the Charter Daddy Fund.
See you all next Tuesday,