Our Past President Rick Lierman was asked to give the Thought Of The Day Tuesday night.
Well let me tell you Rick touched our hearts. He and his wife Kristen had discussed his Rotary
commitments. They are going to be doing extensive traveling and much more and were deciding
whether Rick should resign as a Rotarian. After he heard the news of the massacre in Orlando and 
reflected on many of the past incidents over the last few years, Rick reminded us of the many good
deeds Rotarians do. I wish I could put all he said into words as we all had a tear listening to him.
His closing remark was the world needs Rotarians and will remain a Rotarian forever.
Our speaker for the evening was Amy Heald, Education and Community Engagement
Director with the Reno Philharmonic. It was hard to believe all of the events, education
and community involvement the Phil participates in. The mid youth orchestra even played
a concert in Carnegie Hall. High school age groups who can't afford an instrument are often
provided one in order to learn music. There is even an after school program, family concerts
and master classes. 
As Past President Jim Annis was ringing the bell for his recognition of his rocking chair business, he also
gave us a small history on the art of shaving.  It seems men get great comfort from the old fashion way.
I tried it on my legs, must not be the same.
Past President Dave Zybert invited the Club to his Birthday party after the meeting on July 12th at the
Sierra Gold Pub on South Meadows Parkway.  Chesa is looking for volunteers to drive RYLA kids to 
camp. Claire reminded us host families are needed for in coming RYE students.  Unfortunately some of
the schools are not accepting students due to overcrowding.
President Duane Upton was happy to present Past President Chip Lindloff the award
for bringing in the most new members this past year.  We are in a growth cycle with 
several prospects in the works.
Well this says it all.  What can I say? Chip drew the elusive red marble. He said it has been
along time since he even had a chance at it.
In closing President Duane reminded us next week will be his last board meeting and the following
week his demotion party.  Where did this year go, lots of good meetings, service and fun.