Our June 16th meeting started out by welcoming our recipient of RAW Day, Deanna. Doug the main house painter also attended.
Deanna wanted to come to our meeting to personally thank our Club for doing such a fine job on painting her home. All of the paint was donated by Reno Paint Mart.  Our cost for the whole project was under $400.00.  Again our Club can smile for bringing another service project to a finish. 
After several years of holding down our membership dues it was time for a small price increase. RI has increased our dues to them and we are falling short on our meal guarantee, the board had little choice. Starting July 1st annual dues with be $200.00 and the no eat fee with go to $10.00.  It is important to our members to be able to continue our financial help to the projects we support. This small increase will get us on the way.
Our speaker was John Killoran, CEO of the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition. John has spoken to us before and was back to bring our members up to date on changes over the past two years. It is sad putting on the games have become so expensive that so far only two countries are bidding for the 2022 games and the US is not one of them. Of course the snow conditions are always a worry. John reminded us that in 1960 at Squaw Valley we a had a no snow year. John showed us pictures of the National Guard going to high elevations and bringing down loads of snow. Back then we did not have snow making machines. Two days before the games were to begin the snow started  falling and never stopped all month. A good story and a happy ending.
Well the pot is getting really big. Kristin Scurlock was sure she could draw the red marble. Not yet!!!
I hope to see you all Tuesday for President Shelley's last official meeting.