The start of a fun year. Our new President Leslie Adams, held her inaugural meeting Tuesday night.
We had many dignitaries president.  President Leslie got right to the point and moved the meeting
along allowing us to get out early.  We all received the new Rotary pin representing Rotary Serving
Our new District Governor Nominee, Tina Spencer joined several of the other Club Presidents
making a visit to cheer on President Leslie. ​​​​​​
Right off to a good start. Tish Horne was inducted as our first new member of
the year. Tish has a classification of Child Care provider. Please be sure to welcome her
and involve Tish in our great Club.
Another honor was presenting member Mark Leiser with his Paul Harris Plus 5 pin.
Past President Chip Lindloff gave a short information speech on the Foundation becoming 100
years old.
Larie Trippet was congratulated for being a Rotarian for nineteen years. Past President
Mark Schauss will be contacting the members for a fund raising meeting date.  We will
continue the Shamrock Shindig at a new location in March.  Fun Chair Lynn Johnson is
planning an off site meeting on July 26th with a walking tour of Midtown followed by a dinner
in the area.
District Governor Nominee, Tina Spencer, presented Past President Shelley Johnson with an award for having
100 percent participation for Every Rotarian Every Year during her year.
This darling person is McKenzie Butler. McKenzie is the newly elected President of the Roteract
Club.  Past President Chip Lindloff will be introducing her to the area Clubs. 
Our speaker/program for the evening was Wendy Damonte, V.P. of Advocacy & Health
at Renown Community Health Center. Many of us know Wendy from the 5:00 news
at KTVN Channel Two. After a career in journalism Wendy switched gears. The goal
of this program is to keep the population in good health starting at young ages not waiting until aging
problems have already set in. A example was the report on the bike paths being proposed
from Lake Tahoe all the way to Pyramid Lake. If we keep exercising we probably will live
longer in better health.
Now for the moment Scott has been waiting for. Nope not the red marble, but a free dinner is always a deal.
By the way Scott is in the process of transfering to our Club, but you already know that. See you next week!!