A time for reflecting on our lives and spending time with love ones and friends.  Not to mention
over eating.
A three foot home made Santa is hiding something inside?
Our December 29th meeting was full of laughs as usual. We had Music Madness with DJ Mark Schauss. Then President Duane announced up coming Birthdays. Treasurer Leslie Adams didn't need to ring the bell as President Duane rang it in her behalf of course it will appear on her bill.  We didn't get to Christmas Memories as Fund Raising Chair Mark Schauss had a lot of information.  Sharon Zenz volunteered to design the flyer. Mark is looking for a decorating committee.
Mark also announced Round About Catering will provide the food.  We are still looking for a local brewery to participate.  The cost of the tickets are $50.00 per person which includes beer and wine. Dave Zybert is lining up entertainment as well.
As many of you know a few months ago a request was made in lieu of the absent fund raiser for Duane's year, every member was asked to donate funds to the Club to sustain us throughout his term. Several members did donate to the foundation.  Falling a little short our member John Millliken, challenged the remaining members that whatever they donated he would match the funds.  Well look at this, John presented our Club with his personal check for $2400.00.  Talk about a dedication to Rotary and our own RCS Foundation.  If you haven't thanked John already please do.
My goodness. The way this gal is digging for the red marble you think the pot was $2000.00 or so. President Duane always tries to out reach me but they didn't call me "Stretch" in school for nothing.
Have a great Christmas and New Year and we will all join together in 2016.