Hail our new member Courtney Pino.  Most of you know Courtney as a Roteract member.  Courtney has always helped us with our fund raisers and mentoring new Roteract members.  As a past President  of her Club she is very aware of Rotary.  We are so pleased to have her choose our Centennial Sunset Club. This will be a perfect time for her to attend our upcoming Fireside Chat meeting.  If you haven't already done so extend her your congratulations.
President Duane Upton was pleased to announce last years members with perfect attendance.  The group consists of Leslie Adams, Carol Hannigan, Shelley Johnson, Chesa Keane, Chip Lindloff, Joe Musser and Dave Zybert.
‚ÄčOur speaker was Washoe County Undersheriff John Spencer. He was so informative we even went over time so he could answer all of our questions.  A lot going on in our County.
Well guess who drew the white marble?  Chesa, she even tried to put an Indian hex on the red marble but it is still in the bag.  O.K. gang next week only has four left and the pot is over $1050.00.  Come next meeting the hear our speaker Kurt Matzoll, Project Manage from Q&D Construction and spend your money. Our guest George Woodside felt we all missed Larie too much so George wore his badge for him.
Remember our attendance is important especially when we have great speakers and a guarantee on our dinners. I know it is summer vacation time but everyone loves to see your faces. Our Club is gearing up for what Duane has in store for us. I begged him to get some songs from my era in the Trivia contest and I still can't guess one. I am beginning to wonder just what was my era?