We are looking for newsletter contributors
I don't know about y'all but I've seen A LOT of "Help Wanted" signs around Reno.  You may not want to work in a kitchen at a midtown restaurant, but we would love to publish your thoughts and ideas that you can write from the comfort of you own home (or wherever you are inspired).  Many of you have asked what I want you to write about.  Honestly, this isn't an essay assignment from a teacher entitled "What I Did Last Summer", although some of you may want to chronicle some of your adventures for us.  Write about what motivates you, tell us about your job, why did you join Rotary, service projects that you are interested in.  Send me an email or call me.  I'm happy to work on ideas with you.  My goal for the year is that every member make a contribution to the newsletter.  Let us hear your voice!