Our Club member John Milliken a member of Rotary for forty three years, who has participated in many of our Clubs events made a memorable announcement at our meeting on January 3rd.  John has become a Major Donor in Rotary.  He has contributed $10,000.00 to the Rotary Foundation.  Appreciation will be heard around the globe.
What great flyers Courtney Pino and committee have come up with for the Purple Pinkie Trail Run and Walk to be held April 22nd at Rancho San Rafael Park.  This is one of our fund raisers with proceeds going to Polio Plus, Immunize Nevada and our Foundation.  Please get some of these posters to place in the community for awareness to sign up for the event.
Percational talk was given by member Ralph Koss. What an interesting life Ralph has led.  It sounds like one of his many joys is motor cycle riding.  I always encourage members who weren't here to listen to his life story ask him to share with you at one of our meetings.
Love is in the air.  Past President Dave Zybert made the announcement he and our member Claire Collins will be tying the knot in the Spring.  Our congratulations are for you both. So now Dave as you are licensed to perform marriages will you be doing your own?
Our speakers for the evening were Peggy and Matt from Home Town Health.  They contract with companies and other medical businesses to promote staying healthy through nutrition and exercise.  We found out reading the labels on food to look for harmful additives, one being high fructose.  We do need sugar in our bodies made from natural foods.  Peggy did a demonstration with Lynn Johnson as her assistant on choosing the order of several drinks the amount of sugar they contained.  Good sport Lynn Johnson also assisted Mark in simple exercises using a large rubber band.  Mark gave us all one to take home and try, although many members used them along with Mark and Lynn.
Last but not least was our marble drawing. The ancient gods were looking over Chesa again. They are teasing her with only allowing the white marble.
President Leslie informed us our board meeting will be January 24th as she will be out of town on our regular day.
I also need to make a correction on the date for the Rotary Ski Day.  It is March 3rd .  See Past President Rick Lierman for details.