Posted by Carol Hannigan on Jun 14, 2017
 After two and a half years as your Bulletin Editor I am stepping aside.
It is time for some new blood, new ideas a better speller, better knowledge of the computer and freshness.
Your new Editor is none other than Bridget Brundige.  Be sure to let her know what you would like to see in the Bulletin.  It has been fun figuring this Club Runner out, well kind of, and another Rotary experience for me.
Our meeting Tuesday was held in the Steak House.  We had several bell rings and plugs.  Chesa made her requests for RYLA camper rides and for RYE student homes.  If anyone can help please let Chesa know.
We received a report on the health of Past President Dennis McCormac.  After his many treatments he is very tired and will be in rehab for several months.  I spoke with him today and receiving calls from our members makes his day.  You can call him at Manor Care in Walnut Creek 925 975-5000.
Our speaker for the evening was Rod Yoakam with the Reno Police Department SAVE program.  This is an all volunteer program that assists the Police Department with non threatening situations from tagging vehicles that need to be moved, ticketing drivers in handy cap parking when not allowed, neighbor hood watches and much more.  If anyone is interested look up the SAVE program on the web and the information and application is posted there.
By now you have received an invitation to President Leslie's demotion party. Be sure to respond so Dave and company so they can provide all the fun and food.  The date is June 27th.  Our Fund Raising meeting was held at 5:00 by Dogs of Rotary chair, Chesa. Please get involved as there is a lot of work our Club needs to begin.  You will be hearing more soon.
With not a lot of business left Past President Cindy Welch drew the white marble. Any marble is a good one.
Signing off,