Rotary International President, Holger Knaack’s theme for 2021 is Rotary Opens Opportunities and asks, in part, that as Rotarians we create opportunities and improve the lives of those in need. 
More than a club, Holger reminds us Rotary provides “an invitation to endless opportunities.” I want to challenge each of us to open our eyes and hearts to opportunities that may unfold before us to improve the lives of others in need as well as increase our membership in due time. Who do we know individually that could become a Rotarian, thus strengthening our membership and expanding our opportunities to serve? As we have learned, our recent speaker Cecily Swason is committed to help develop an Area 8 Rotaract Club. How can we assist her to meet her goal today to build membership in Rotary tomorrow?
When an opportunity arises out of the blue, can we, as an individual Rotarian, take that opportunity, add a sprinkle of creativity, and make someone’s life perhaps a little better? The positivity of helping someone see you, as a person who exemplifies the spirit of Rotary, may very well plant that seed today for which membership will grow tomorrow. Age is not a barrier in this capacity. What about the lonely child new to your neighborhood? Realize that “someone” may come into your life in innumerable ways. Keep your eyes open to recognize that opportunity, don’t hesitate to act upon it, and make a difference.