RCS on Social Media.  Did you just tweet that?
Public Image is a key aspect of most successful organizations and it can rely on a variety of avenues to promote and maintain a positive image.  For our Rotary club, it can play an important role in many aspects, including growing and maintaining membership, promoting fundraisers and other special events, increasing mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration with other organizations, and generally helping maintain the positive image of Rotary.
One of the first initiatives this year for our Public Image Committee will be elevating the effective use of social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We are currently developing basic guidelines for member to effectively contribute content, while maintaining reasonable consistent messaging and promoting the intended public image. We will be sharing further information on this initiative soon but also ask any members with particular interest and/or experience in effective social media use to please contact Curt to help guide our effort. 
Thanks everyone for your support in elevating the positive public image of this wonderful Rotary club!