Posted by Rafael Cappucci
RCS Rotary Foundation Inc. is a (501) (C) (3) Nevada non-profit corporation. The Foundation was established in 2009 for the purpose is to oversee fundraising activities and charitable contributions of the Rotary Club of Reno Centennial Sunset.  The RCS Rotary Foundation Inc., distributes 80% of the net amount raised each year to the Rotary Club of Reno Centennial Sunset. How the funds are spent each year is at the discretion of the current Club President and the Board of Directors of the Club. The remaining 20% is conservatively invested by the Foundation.
The foundation maintains two investments through Sage Financial Advisors.  The first investment is the Foundation’s Endowment account which has a diversified portfolio that is currently yielding an average 2.3 % with a net of 15.6% internal rate of return. The current Endowment value is $58,978. This account is to mature to a value of $250,000 at which time the interest of the principle is to be used for a sustainable philanthropic endeavor, whereby the principle investment must remain intact.
The second investment is the RYLA account was created in 2015. This account was established by the estate of the Rotarian Bruce Arnold. It is for sending two students to RYLA camp each year. This account also has a diversified portfolio that is currently yielding an average 1.3 % with a 17.2% internal rate of return. The current RYLA account value is $22,993.15.
In 2018 the Directors/Officers was changed to include the current Club President to reside on the Foundation Board as a voting member.
The Current Directors/Officers are:
Rafael Cappucci – President
Ralph Koss – Secretary
Larie Trippet – Treasurer
Joe Musser – Director
Ken Petring – Director / Current Club President
The Foundation meets quarterly and maintains a positive account balance to support the philanthropic activities for the current year which include:
  • Purple Pinkie Polio Run
  • RYLA
  • Music contest
  • Speech contest
  • Eddy House
  • Veterans Bench
  • And more
Ways to contribute to the RCS Rotary Foundation:
  • We accept bell ringing donations from the club meetings
  • Amazon Smile
  • Facebook Charitable giving
  • Direct donations