Our program speaker for Tuesday was Alicia Barber. Alicia is the author of several books outlining the preservation of history in the Reno area. Her warm personality helped us all in remembering the past.  Alicia focused on the History of 4th Street and several key points over the past 100 plus years.  Our first arch was erected in 1927. We had street cars starting in 1904, the famous Coney Island Bar (started as a tamale factory) 1909 and many more pictures of old land marks. Alicia also was a Rotary Scholarship winner in her youth.  Nevadans can be proud we live here.
Bell ringing was a lot of fun as usual. Joe Musser told us why he missed last meeting. He attended a Scotch tasting dinner and party, poor Mark Schauss reminded us we should have our wisdom teeth out in our youth, not fun for him, Larie Trippet said the Smile campaign by purchasing through Amazon naming Rotary as our charity was presented it's first check for $8.00. Well we had to start somewhere. Jim Annis had his usual fun time jabbing President Duane for loosing by only a few strokes in the Golf Tournament at Hidden Valley last weekend. 
Our procational speaker was our own President Elect, Leslie Adams.  I love hearing about our
members beginnings to present. Leslie also started her career on a Volley Ball scholarship finishing 
with a Masters Degree from UNR. Technology is the place to be, Leslie also holds a Real Estate
license.  If you weren't at the meeting take a few moments yourself to listen to her history.
Mark Schuss' daughter, Onika, joined us along with Susie Kahl. Susie is the District Youth Services Chair for Interact.
Onika will be instrumental in forming a Interact Club at Damonte Ranch High School this Fall.  Our Club has formed
a committee already to assist.
Well look who we have here.  The "Queen of Fun", Lynn Johnson. Lynn reminded us we are dark on June 7th to attend 
Great Basin Brewery for a tour and dinner.  I have looked at the menu and there are so many great items to choose 
from.  So hopefully you all have signed up.  I already robbed my piggy bank for beer money. Lynn is also taking sign ups
for President Duane's demotion party June 28th.
Also we are down to the marble drawing. District Chair Susie Kahl had the pleasure of drawing the white
marble so we all get to have her back soon. The meeting was full of laughs, one of the guests, Darin Foot from Belfore
Property Restoration said he heard we were the Fun Club and rightfully so.  Darin was a guest of Chesa and may be looking for a Rotary Club.