Posted by Larie Trippet on Aug 14, 2019
Do you have a hobby, activity, vocational interest that you are passionate about? Would you like to connect with other Rotarians that share that interest?
Rotary Fellowships are something to consider.  These groups provide a fun way to enjoy hobbies and experiences and to make friends around the world.  There are more than eighty (yes, 80!) groups of a wide array of interests including: jazz, skiing, environment, marathon running, railroads, and amateur radio.
To see a complete list, go to:

Personally, I am a member of 3 fellowships: motorcycling, beer and RV. I am new to the RV fellowship and have not yet had an opportunity to participate in any events.  The beer fellowship hosted a beer tasting and tours at the international convention.  A lot of fun. I am the president-elect of the North American chapter of the motorcycling fellowship.  This fellowship has provided great connections for my wife and me. When traveling by motorcycle overseas, I put the word out to the local chapter and have had several members connect with us.  Here are several examples:

- When in Norway, a motorcycling Rotarian who is also a pilot, gave us an aerial tour of Oslo in his plane.
- Also in Norway, a motorcycling Rotarian and his wife took 2 ferries from his island home to our island to have lunch with us.
- When in Italy, a motorcycling Rotarian met us and guided us on a different route due to the fear of ice on the planned route.
- When in New Zealand, a motorcycling Rotarian gave us a driving tour of Rotorua.

Obviously, the value of a fellowship is related to what you put into it. Obviously I put a lot into the motorcycling fellowship.

Check out the link above and consider joining one of the fellowships.  You will meet some great people.  And they can provide some good advice and guidance.