I had a chance to catch up with our club's "Charter Daddy", Jim Annis
I had the chance to catch up recently with our Charter Daddy, Jim Annis, and got the 4-1-1 on the Charter Daddy Fund.  Jim was responsible for organizing our club and establishing the charter in 2004. Hence, he earned the moniker: the Charter Daddy.
What is the purpose of the Charter Daddy Fund?  The purpose of the fund is two-fold: 1. To help with needs that come up within our community.  If one of our members hears of a need or a crisis, we have this fund to give assistance. 2. To give our club a chance to do fun things.
How is the Fund maintained? I provide the base funds every year and sometimes you will hear members donate to the Fund with a bell ring.
What are some of the projects that have been sponsored by the Charter Daddy Fund?  One of my favorite projects was a few years ago.  One of our members knew a woman who was facing eviction from her house unless she made some repairs and improvements.  With money from the Charter Daddy Fund and volunteer time from club members, we were able to make the repairs and put a fresh coat of paint on her house.  She was able to stay in her home and avoid eviction.
As a new member several years ago, I was introduced to the Charter Daddy Fund at one of our club meetings.  The club was working on renovations to a veterans’ shelter.  A representative from the shelter spoke at the club meeting about the progress being made: how our club had purchased new mattresses for their dormitory and mentioned that among the upcoming projects was purchasing new bedsheets.  Jim was able to commit money from the Charter Daddy Fund to buy the needed bedding.
If you hear of a need in the community, talk to Jim Annis about how our club might be able to help.