Posted by Bridget Brundige on Sep 12, 2017
It has been a busy month! Everyone has been working hard to make our Dogs of Rotary event a major success (just 3 more weeks), but we have also found some time for some other activities!
On August 8th, Mark S gave his procational. He grew up in New York and shared some great stories about his childhood. Fun fact, Babe Ruth’s widow was his neighbor! His career within the medical field took him from the East Coast to the West Coast landing him in Tacoma and Spokane, Wa. He then moved to Incline and made the Reno/Tahoe area his home.
Cortney Huth, the Youth and Community Outreach Specialist with Join Together Northern Nevada, came and spoke to us about
the work they do to help create a drug free community. It was very eye opening to see what a major impact prescription drugs have been making on not only our community, but nationwide.
On August 15th, Rhoda’s husband Kyle, gave us a great presentation on muscle strength and mobility training. The biggest tip he gave us was that once we feel pain it is too late! Look for loss of mobility as an indication that something is wrong. And contrary to what everyone’s high school coaches used to say, “no pain, no gain” is not the motto to live by, more like uncomfortable and gain!
On August 19th, some of us participated in the Dragon Boat Races at the Sparks Marina (Huge Thank You to Jim Annis and the Charter Daddy Fund for sponsoring our boat). We started out a little slow on our first race, but ended up winning the next two races, making us the Champions of the ummm losers of the first race Bracket! As you can tell from our smiles, we did not care what division we were winners of!
On August 29th, Mitch Schneider came and spoke to us in great detail about the work he has done training service
dogs for veterans. It was a great evening to get everyone really excited and ready for our Dogs of Rotary event September 30th! Mitch told us stories about different dogs he has trained over the years to help veterans with PTSD and TBI. He has been able to training all types of dogs and showed through his work that you can show an old dog new tricks.