Fun Chair Lynn Johnson put on a great tailgate party before the UNR/UNLV game. The food was a Mexican buffet which included bread pudding for desert, beer and wine. There were challenge games for those who wanted some competition. The weather even held out until the fourth quarter which was bail time for some of us.
Before our regular meeting the fund raising committee met. A name was selected for our March 12th St. Patrick's Dinner. How do you like Shamrock-Shindig? Beside dinner there will be entertainment, beer and wine, Chinese auction and more. The committee chairs were selected and they will be contacting members to assist them. The plan is for the Club to enjoy the event as well.
Our speaker was Dr. Nancy Brune, Executive Director of the Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities. This group is a think tank that publishes articles based on fact and is a bipartisan nonprofit organization.  All of the information they compile and report on is huge.  Look them up on the Web as there may be something of use to your business.
Some announcements made were by Ralph Koss, the Food Bank is Nov. 7th, the Toy Drive is Dec. 9th with more information to come. Fund raising chair and Past President Mark Schauss selected the next meeting date to be Oct. 20th before our regular meeting. Past President Jim Annis has formed a new company, Your Family Rocking Chair. Jim will travel to Kentucky to learn the art of making rocking chairs that can be handed down for generations, priceless.
Well  my theory on drawing the red marble was blown last night. I reached as high as I could and took the marble off the top and still drew a white one. I even ran the odds and should have known.  It may be your lucky night next week.
Well I heard a bug in my ear, its name was Traveling Bug. George and I are off to the races in Austin Texas with stops at National Parks along the way. Chesa will be taking pictures for me and hopefully you all will send me some news for the bulletin. See you in three weeks.