Our newest member Scott Horejsi was inducted Tuesday. Scott's classification is
Communication Cost Consulting.  In true Rotary fashion he rang the bell two times
to celebrate his joining our Club.  Be sure to welcome Scott at our next meeting if 
you haven't already.
Speaking of new faces, member Mark Leiser brought two guests. The couple are Richard and Katie Berman.
They have heard a lot about our Club and live in the Damonte Ranch area.  After speaking with them as the
Co-Membership chair I have a good feeling we will be seeing them again.
This lovely young lady is Madison Jennings.  She is our RYE out bound student.
Madison will be leaving soon for Brazil and we will be looking forward to
her many stories on her return.
Our inbound student is a young man from Argentina.  We will soon know more
information and a chance to meet him.
O.K. get ready, here's Lacy!!!! We had the great pleasure of having Lacy J Dalton as our program.
Lacy is also an Honorary Rotarian and holds a Paul Harris.  Many of you know she wrote a song
for Rotary called "This Close". Of course it's about our journey to end Polio.  Lacy brought her
guitar and sang the song for us along with a couple of others she wrote. One telling the story
of the wild horses in Nevada. Lacy has the largest of protected wild horse herd in the world
with about 2500 head. Check her web site out as there is a great fund raiser coming up.
By the way her manager is Dee Gregory, Past President of the Fallon Club.
President Leslie reminded us her first board meeting is next Tuesday.  So if you want to know about
upcoming policies and more feel free to attend at 5:00 p.m.
To round out the evening Scott's number was drawn for the marble drawing. Darn I was sitting right next to him. I should have changed tickets.