By Joe Burgess

Eathan O’Bryant has been in the public eye for much of his adult life. A 2021inductee into the University of Nevada Hall of Fame, Eathan was honored for his 1993-95 record setting career as point guard for the Wolfpack. After playing pro ball in Europe, Eathan spent 10 years with the Harlem Globetrotters, bringing fun and hoop magic to families around the world. 


Growing up in Huntsville, Texas, one of seven children, Eathan lost his father at the age of six. His mother, Joyce, kept her kids on a positive track. There were a number of prisons in the Huntsville area with lots of opportunities on the street to wind up in one of them. Eathan had that life on his doorstep. He also had Joyce and his family, his faith and a determination that was reflected in his work ethic.

Eathan talked about his journey in a January 18 presentation to the Reno Centennial Sunset Rotary Club. Reno/Sparks became his home for when he came to UNR - he met his wife to be, Lydia, during his first visit and made friends quickly. Those roots brought him back once he finished his career with the Globetrotters. During that career, Eathan worked with kids around the country and strengthened his belief in the importance of education, self-discipline, family and values in creating a path for happiness and success for young people.

In November 2021 Eathan officially launched Youth in Pursuit - YIP is beginning with a focus on a group that escapes notice in the community - teenage fathers. The last several decades have demonstrated that young people without a father in their lives are vulnerable to turmoil and trouble. Eathan was blessed with a strong family and a strong mother. As he worked with kids around the country, he observed the challenges faced by children without a positive male role model in their lives. Lydia and Eathan have raised three children and their family is their center.

Teenage boys generally do not plan on being fathers. Judgment does not move a young family forward. Teen fathers may bail out on the situation. In his presentation to the club, Eathan noted that there are few resources in the community to help teenage fathers be responsible for their families and to get themselves on track.

“We cannot just throw money at this. These young men need leadership but they have to take care of themselves and their families. One of the initiatives at YIP is our new Teen Dad website - - to provide tools. We are going to be counseling and mentoring, using educational resources and opportunities in the business community to help these young men develop real skills to lift themselves and their families.

“Sometimes we can look at things through the lens of victimhood. That will just bring more of the same. Our mission at YIP is to help these young men get on a positive path and be strong for their families.”