Our newest vagabond, past president Chip Lindloff just returned from a great trip in his new motor home.  While traveling he visited a Rotary Club in Winter Park, Florida and came back with their trading flag.
The membership committee received two new applications from proposed members. Jacqueline Lechler who is sponsored by Joe Musser.
And Richard Mead, Ricardo Villacorta is his sponsor.
The process has begun and Club you will be hearing more about these two great people.
Our percational speech was given by Charter Daddy President Jim Annis. Jim was born in Pleasanton, CA.  He comes from a long line of Rotarians. Jim has been in sales most of his life coming to Carson City in 1981.  He has owned and run companies for over twenty years and is enjoying his new Rocking Chair Company.  It was great to hear about his wonderful life.
Our Purple Pinkie chair Courtney gave us an update on the run.  She also passed around a list for volunteers for April 22nd.  If you weren't present last night be sure to get in contact with Courtney so she can have an idea who will be helping.  This event is going to be great.
We had many bell rings and announcements. Our RYE student Jauane has secured his trips to Washington D.C. and Hawaii.  In the mean time if anyone is doing something you might think Jauane would enjoy contact Chesa.  Dave and Claire will be having a party for us on April 25th for their pre-wedding day.  Not sure what to expect but it will be nice. President Leslie asked for members to volunteer for the upcoming Club Assembly and District Conference.  If you can spare some time let her know.  Past President Rick Lierman reminded all we need volunteers on March 24th and 25th at the Marvin Picollo School.  Please contact Rick and Ralph to see what is needed.  The Knights of Columbus will also have volunteers present.  Ken, Leslie, Chesa, Larie and Mark are heading to Mexico this weekend to help build a house for a needy family.  March 31st is our Rotary Ski Day and Snowshoe trip with a BBQ to follow.  Please let Lynn Johnson know if you plan to come.
Our speaker for the evening was Fayth Ross from Urban Roots.  This organization was able to obtain a converted motel and are among many other things, demonstrating ways to grow food along with learning.  This is mainly for low income families who also take home the food they grow.  My pictures of Fayth were blurry so not included here.
I hope Ricardo didn't feel too guilty he sold himself the winning ticket.  Past President Shelly Johnson got a giggle out of it.  To end the evening Red Badge Rhoda repeated the Four Way Test by heart.  Another check mark to obtaining her Blue Badge.
Some members are not getting the bulletin.  Be sure to check your profile to see if you have your correct e-mail listed as many us us change our mails, also that you have checked to received publications.  Past President Dave Zybert told us Club Runner has its own issues.
This editor will be on vacation for the next two weeks so I will catch up with you when I return.