Rotary International President, John Germ was the speaker at the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Reno also know as the Downtown Club.  The event was held at the Atlantis Monday night. Their were displays of pictures,
articles and events held by their Club starting in 1926.  The orchestra played songs from every decade.
While members of our Club were visiting President John he told us a joke.
"When he decided to accept the helm he asked Rotarians to do two things.
Don't smoke and don't drink to much.
If you drink to much, don't get drunk.
If you get drunk don't pass out.
If you pass out fall face down so they won't see your pin."  I got a good laugh.
How about this, four of our first Presidents.
Also present was Chesa Keane.  Chesa was visiting many of the Rotarians from other Clubs.
I was truly excited to stand next to a Rotary International President. I may never have the opportunity again.
Lacy J. Dalton performed her two songs she wrote for Rotary and Polio Plus. You could see President John was
delighted.  The Downtown Club presented RI a check for $25,000 dollars to assist in finishing to stamp out Polio.
Another event our Club attended was the Midtown Walk put on by Art Town.  We watched the murals being painted with only a spray can used by the artists. There was a walking tour of mainly the original homes and history.  A small plate dinner was served afterward.