Posted by Bridget Brundige on Jul 25, 2017
President Melissa has been keeping things very exciting these first two weeks of her presidential year!
During her first official meeting, we recognized all of our “perfect attendees” from last year! Great Job to: Leslie, Carol, Chesa, Ralph, Scott, Joe, Dave, Claire, and Larie!
We also recognized, Mark for his Paul Harris times SIX and Melissa for her Paul Harris times ONE. Congrats to both of you!
On July 11th, Naomi Duerr, Reno City Counselor from Ward 2, spent the evening taking to us about ReLeaf Reno. The purpose of this program is to help increase the tree cover of Reno. This was very fitting for the first meeting of the year, as this is a Rotary theme this year.
On July 18th, we had another great evening of fun. Scott shared Thank You notes we received from the high school students our club sponsored to attend RYLA. It was very nice to see how much of an impact the week of camp made for the students. We learned that we will be donating books to Smithridge over the year, so everyone make sure to bring in a hardback or two!
Dave gave her percational and a few fun facts about Dave: 1) he has been on two games shows and 2) he has always had an obsession with Titanic. If anyone has ever gone to a trivia night with Dave, it is not surprising that he was once a game show star! 
Our very own Chesa Keane spent the evening giving us the details on our September fundraiser, “The Dogs of Rotary.” This is a going to be a great event that will not only help the veteran community, but also the dog community. If you have not signed up for a committee or task, make sure you get with Chesa to volunteer!